Born and raised in Southern California, Albert has always had an interest in business and law. Filing his first articles of incorporation at the tender age of 18, he has since helped in the forming and development of over five privately owned corporations in California and Oklahoma. Albert moved to Albuquerque to attend Central New Mexico Community College where he received his Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts and his Associates of Applied Science in General Studies. Albert was then accepted into the University of New Mexico, where he attended for one year before transferring to the Historically Black College Langston University. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with concentrations in communications, journalism, and developmental psychology.
   Throughout his college career Albert has been a member of TRIO, a multi-year Deans Honor Roll recipient, Chairman of The Arts and Entertainment Committee and an Ambassador to the Admissions Department. With plans to take the LSAT this summer, Albert looks forward to applying for a Judicial Doctorate program in the spring of 2023.